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Liberty Belles

Pictures of the Team

A Random Practice in 2005
From Left to Right: (standing) Katherine, Dominique, Jess, Emily (kneeling) Yanika, Christine

Feb 9th Practice Pictures

Score! It's 6:00am practice
(from left to right) Katherine, Amelia, Jess, Yanika, Margaret, Brooklyn, Christine, Dominique

Pinwheel and little circle
(right to left) Standing: Jess, Yanika, Amelia, Katherine Bent: Christine, (hidden) Dominique

Feb 9th Practice (cont)

Now that looks good, like whoa!
(left to right) Dominique, Brooklyn, Amelia, Yanika, Margaret, Christine, Katherine, Jess

One of the lines taking off
(front to back) Jess, Yanika, Margaret, Dominique, Christine

Penn Quaker Classic 2006

Top L to R: Christine, Dominique, Amelia, Yanika, Jessica, Margaret Kneel: Katherine, Brooklyn, Emi

We do it better together